Seasons Boulangerie, with their immense experience in bakery projects and consultancy, can develop an idea and turn it into a profitable bakery. If you are thinking of venturing into the bakery industry then Seasons Boulangerie can make it not only easy but also less risky for you. Seasons Boulangerie starts from research, product planning to employee training and ending at product quality management and quality assurance. For us no business falls under the category of small or large-scale. It welcomes all who seek assistance and are bent upon making their bakery one of the pioneers.

Our consultancy services specialize in the below enlisted areas:

Bakers Percentage-Formulation Review:

Alot of bakeries fail to develop a bakers percentage which is needed not only to develop the perfect recipe but also control the cost and quality of the product. We help our clients to focus and review their formulation.

New Product Development:

New products become a necessity in a competitive market but the convenience of the bakers, they need to fall under the shade of optimum quality and cost. Seasons Boulangerie can take off the burden and do the thinking for you.

Research & Development:

R&D is usually underutilised during the operation of a bakery so we can help bakeries by providing them a focused R&D for specific areas that require the most.

Find the Right Equipment:

 Being an international company, we can help you find the perfect equipment for your products from all over the world.


The taste of confectionaries is important but equally important is their presentation and product location in the bakery. We can create that customer appeal for you.


You have a dream, We have a plan. Let’s achieve it together.